The SARTAN-AD Trial: A Randomized, Open Label, Proof of Concept Study of Telmisartan vs. Perindopril in Hypertensive Mild-Moderate Alzheimer’s Disease Patients
Many people with Alzheimer’s disease also have high blood pressure. The SARTAN-AD study is comparing two different medications for high blood pressure, telmisartan and perindopril, which act on the body in different ways, to see whether they help slow down Alzheimer’s disease over one year, and to determine if one of these medications, even though both proven to be effective for blood pressure control, might be more beneficial for Alzheimer’s patients to use.

  • Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
  • University Health Network
  • Baycrest Health Sciences (referral)
  • Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
  • Centre for Memory and Ageing
  • Hamilton Health Sciences
  • University of British Columbia
  • University of Calgary
  • University of Lethbridge
  • University of Waterloo
  • South East Toronto Family Health Team
  • St. Michael’s Hospital (referral)
  • Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Principal Investigator: Dr. Sandra Black

Co-investigators: Dr. Corrine Fischer, Dr. Morris Freedman, Dr. George Heckman, Dr. Robin Hsuing, Dr. John Kennedy, Dr. Sanjeev Kumar, Dr. Krista Lanctot, Dr. Marcus Law, Dr. Giovanni Marotta, Dr. Mario Masellis, Dr. Laura Middleton, Dr. Paul Oh, Dr. Jim Sahlas, Dr. Eric Smith, Dr. Robert Sutherland

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